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Field Trips to Carrigan Farms

Carrigan Farms is the perfect place to bring your class of elementary aged students. In September, we have apple orchard tours where students pick apples, take a hayride, visit the animals, learn about pollination and photosynthesis, and taste fresh apple cider. In October, the tour is centered on pumpkins and each student picks their own pumpkin, in addition to taking a hayride, visiting the animals, learning about pollination and photosynthesis, and tasting fresh apple cider.

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Are you a teacher in need of an educational class fieldtrip? The Carrigan Farms Fall Harvest Tour is a culminating, real-life experience of the inter-workings of farm life. Please join us in an extension of classroom learning on various topics, such as: pollination, photosynthesis, plant growth and life cycles, and the farmer as a community helper.

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Our educational field trips take your students on a tour of a real working farm. Students will be able to learn and retain knowledge of how a farm operates through an exciting, hands-on, outdoor experience with their peers. We also offer activities that you can complete in your classroom prior to attending the field trip so that your students receive the maximum learning experience Carrigan Farms has to offer.


The link below offers extension activities including background information, lesson plans, educational worksheets and games on various topics such as pumpkins, apples, plant growth and photosynthesis, honey bees and the honey-making process, and farm life.