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Fall Harvest Tour

Apple Pickin' tours are conducted in September and Pumpkin Pickin' tours are in October. Email us to schedule your hayride today, 


The Carrigan Farms Fall Harvest Tour is a culminating, real-life experience of the inter-workings of farm life. Please join us in an extension of classroom learning while exploring various topics, such as: pollination, photosynthesis, plant growth and life cycles, and the farmer as a community leader.

Tour & Cost

The Fall Harvest tour includes:

  1. Visit glass beehives, see thousands of bees, and learn about the pollination process.
  2. Learn about the importance of photosynthesis and plant growth
  3. Hayride tour to either the apple orchard, where each participant fills a bag with apples (approx 10 to 20 apples) to take home (September tours), or the pumpkin field, where each participant picks a pumpkin to take home (October tours)
  4. Visit the animal petting station
  5. Fresh apple cider - All you can Drink!
  6. A coloring book with scenes from the farm, designed to help reinforce lessons learned on the farm.

Cost: Tours are $10.00 per person, on Mondays - Fridays (all tour participants are required to pay)

Extension Activities

Prior to your field trip, Carrigan Farms encourages teachers to download and utilize the supplemental teaching tools to assist in classroom learning.

Our website offers extension activities including background information, lesson plans, educational worksheets and games on various topics such as pumpkins, apples, plant growth and photosynthesis, honey bees and honey-making process and farm life.

Our interactive learning tool encompasses Social Studies, Science and Math concepts. The culminating activity is a field trip to our farm.

Carrigan Farms recognizes the importance of quality, integrated learning, and we are raising the bar on educational standards. Won't you please join us?

KWL Activity

Prior to your visit, we encourage each child to complete a KWL sheet. A KWL sheet includes:

  1. What you already KNOW about farm life (or Carrigan Farms).
  2. What you WANT to learn during your visit.
  3. What you actually LEARNED on your visit.

Reservations / Information

To schedule your fall harvest tour, email 

Special Notes

The Fall Harvest tour lasts approximately 1 hour. We ask each group to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tour time. Failure to arrive on time for your scheduled tour may cause your tour to be shortened or delayed until it can be accommodated.

Weather Policy

This is an outdoor facility! Please check weather conditions and dress accordingly. If weather is questionable, please call Carrigan Farms for conditions and/or weather delays/cancellations. Please remember that sometimes it might be raining where you are but not at Carrigan Farms... or vice versa.


Should you need to cancel your Fall Harvest Tour, we appreciate a two-week cancellation notice. Emergency cancellations or delays should be reported as soon as possible to (704) 664-1450. Failure to notify the farm of cancellations will result in a $30 "No Show" charge.