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Swim Test

The Quarry at Carrigan Farms, LLC, strives to ensure the safety of all guests. Anyone entering the water must wear a coast guard approved life vest at all times unless they have passed the swim test at Carrigan Farms. The swim test is for guests ages twelve and older only. Guests ages eleven and under are not eligible to take the swim test. At events involving swimming, certified lifeguards are on duty.

Being competent in a pool does not mean a person is competent in another aquatic environment; each environment is different. The swim test at Carrigan Farms assesses water competency in the quarry environment at Carrigan Farms. Since the adoption of the swim test in May of 2014, Carrigan Farms has safely tested thousands of guests. Guests that have passed the swim test are able to swim without a life jacket. Those that have not passed the test wear life jackets at all times in the water. Only those ages twelve and above are old enough to take the swim test. Guests younger than twelve must wear life jackets at all times while in the water.

The swim test at Carrigan Farms is based on the American Red Cross Water Competency Sequence and is designed to examine a variety of factors that include but are not limited to: swimmer’s body position in relation to the water, swim stroke, quality of kick, ability to tread water, confidence in water, ability to follow directions and endurance level. The test itself is administered and graded by certified lifeguards. If the lifeguards determine that an individual has passed the swim test, he or she will be able to swim in the quarry without wearing a life jacket if they so choose. If the lifeguards determine that an individual has not passed the swim test, he or she must wear a life jacket at all times while in the quarry. Click here to watch a video of the swim test.

Guests may only take the swim test one time per day. This means, if an individual does not pass the swim test, they cannot re-take the test that same day. Additionally, lifeguards reserve the right to rescind a grade of pass on the swim test at any time if they feel an individual is no longer safe in the water, at which time that individual will need to wear a life jacket while in the quarry.

Carrigan Farms provides life jackets; however, bringing your own life jacket is also permitted.

All swimming remains at your own risk and The Quarry at Carrigan Farms is twenty-five feet deep.

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