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Farming with William

Tune in to learn what Farmer William has growing at Carrigan Farms. Click to view the educational farming videos below that highlight the crops on the farm.

Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, Carrigan Farms is at 35.8° North longitude and 80.8° West latitude. Elevations range from 902 to 780 feet above sea level. Soil type is predominately Cecil clay loam and is reddish in color due to the presence if iron, classic Carolina red clay. An average year sees 45 inches of rainfall. The last frost is historically around April 7th and the first frost is historically around November 5th, in any given year. Various fruit and vegetable crops grow at the farm beginning with asparagus, leaf lettuce and strawberries in the spring, followed by sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, melon, cucumber, peppers, okra, green beans and sunflowers in the summer and fall. Each fall the farm’s u-pick apples pumpkins get ripe and children of all ages come to visit. The winter garden has broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi and turnips.

A beginning farmer at Carrigan Farms, William Carrigan is a recent graduate of North Carolina State University and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture with minors in Entomology and Biology.

Click below to watch educational farming videos about pumpkins, apples and strawberries at the farm. Topics such as planting, fertility, pollination, irrigation, cultivation and harvest are included.


Pumpkin Picking:

Strawberry Picking:

Apple Picking: