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Strawberry Picking

NOW OPEN FOR STRAWBERRY PICKING (No reservations needed)

Dates/ Times / Hours:
Sunday May 16th- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Monday May 17th- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Tuesday May 18th- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Wednesday May 19th- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Thursday May 20th- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Friday May 21st- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Saturday May 22nd- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm
Sunday May 23rd- 8:30 am – approximately 6:00 pm

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to published closing time if you wish to pick strawberries. More dates and times will be posted as weather and picking conditions are evaluated.

Looking for the authentic U-pick strawberry picking experience? Look no farther than Carrigan Farms. In the spring, our strawberry field opens for pick-your-own strawberries. Cost of U-pick strawberries is $15 per gallon-sized container. We provide the clean containers. Sometimes we have pre-picked strawberries available, but not always. If we do have them, cost is $17 per gallon-sized container. For payment, please bring cash or check because we don’t take credit or debit cards.

Please do not bring pets or dogs with you to the farm.

What to Bring / What to Expect:

The strawberry field is a part of a working farm. The may be uneven ground or mud. Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes.  Also, it can be hot and sunny, and there is pollen. This is an outdoor environment so be prepared for outdoor conditions. We do not suggest bringing a stroller due to uneven ground. Pets / dogs are not permitted to visit the strawberry field.

Also, farm only accepts cash and paper checks for payment. No credit or debit cards are accepted.

Directions / Entrance:

Enter at the Carrigan Farms Strawberry Field. The address for GPS purposes is 1145 Oak Ridge Farm Highway, Mooresville NC 28115.

Coronavirus Safety Measures:

Carrigan Farms has implemented changes in response to the coronavirus that we plan to continue as long as needed. We are asking that each group “social distance” from other family units / family groups. We have a big field so its easy to find space to pick away from other groups. Please don’t visit the farm if anyone in your family is feeling sick or has recently had contact with someone who was sick or symptomatic of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to the high transmissibility of the coronavirus, we can not guarantee that it is not present at any given time.