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Swim Test

The safety of guests and staff is our top priority. At Carrigan Farms, passing a swim test is required to be able to swim without a life jacket.  Click here to watch a video of the swim test.

All guests must wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times while in the water, unless they have passed the swim test, which is available to guests who are 12 years or older.

Designed to assess water competency in the quarry environment at Carrigan Farms, the test evaluates a range of factors, including body position in relation to the water, quality of swim stroke and kick, ability to tread water, level of confidence in the water, ability to follow directions, and endurance level. Certified lifeguards administer and grade the test. Guests who pass may swim without a life jacket, while those who do not pass must wear a life jacket at all times. It’s important to note that the swim test is recommended for expert swimmers only. Guests who do not wish to take it can still enjoy swimming by wearing a life jacket.

Guests may only take the swim test once per day. If a guest fails, they cannot retake the test on the same day. Additionally, lifeguards have the right to rescind a pass grade at any time if they feel that the individual is no longer safe in the water. In this case, the guest must wear a life jacket while in the quarry.

For events that involve swimming, certified lifeguards are on duty; however, guests swim at their own risk. The Quarry at Carrigan Farms is over an acre and a half in surface area and 25 feet deep. Since the adoption of the swim test in May of 2014, thousands of guests have safely taken it. Life jackets are provided for guests, but they are also welcome to bring their own.

It’s important to note that competency in one aquatic environment does not necessarily guarantee competency in another. This is why the swim test at Carrigan Farms assesses water competency specifically in the quarry environment. Guests who feel confident in their swimming abilities and meet the expert swimmer criteria are encouraged to take the swim test. Those who pass can enjoy swimming without a life jacket. Guests who prefer not to take the swim test or do not meet the criteria are welcome to wear a life jacket and enjoy swimming in the quarry. For a video of the swim test, click here.

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