Swim Parties

The Quarry at Carrigan Farms, LLC is a natural, spring fed, body of water where swimming is enjoyed by many at company picnics, private events and specific open-to-the public times. Located in Mooresville, NC, The Quarry was mined in the late 1960’s for its granite stone, which was used in the construction of interstate 77. Once a spring was discovered, the quarry filled with water and is now a favorite spot for those wanting to cool off in the summer. At select times, it is open for individuals, as open swim and at other times, it is available for private reservations only. As of June 21, 2017 the water temperature is 79 degrees at the surface, a very pleasant temperature.

The Quarry water itself is 25 feet deep. Swimmers can choose to enter the water by jumping from the rocks at designated locations, or by walking in at the zero entry beach. Swimmers are required to wear a life jacket unless they’ve passed the Carrigan Farms, LLC swim test. Over 300 life jackets of all sizes are available at The Quarry.

Regardless whether you attend open swim or a private event with swimming, all swimming is at your own risk. All of the water at the quarry is over your head and is 25 feet deep. All swimmers are mandated to use a life jacket while swimming in the quarry or pass the swim test. Guest must be at least 12 years old to take the swim test. We provide life jackets for everyone at your event. Please bear in mind that swim noodles are not an approved flotation device and are not a substitute for a properly fitting life jacket. If you have a favorite life jacket, that fits you well, be sure to bring that to your swim party. There are life jackets available for your usage at the quarry.