Swim Parties and “Open Swim”

“Open Swim” Dates & Times / Swimming for Individuals:

The quarry is not “open to the public” except at the times listed below. 
OPEN SWIM DATES & TIMES 2016 (Weather Permitting):

Last open swim of the season:

Saturday September 17th from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
(In light of a strong turn out this past weekend, we reserve the right to stop admitting additional guests once we feel we are reaching maximal capacity.)

The quarry is a private swim area that is rarely open to individuals, except at select times, as listed above, where you may come as an individual, pay a $12 per person admission, and enjoy the quarry. Cash or check are accepted for payment, but not credit or debit cards. Children ages 11 and under are required to wear a life jacket at all times while swimming in the quarry. Life jackets are provided or you may bring your own.  Persons ages 12 and above (including adults) will be eligible to take the “swim test”. The swim test assesses endurance, treading, and quality of stroke, among other attributes.  All grades on the swim test are final and re-testing is not permitted on the same day. When taking the swim test, please demonstrate your best swimming. A grade of PASS on the swim test means that person may elect to swim without a life jacket in the quarry.  Those persons who do not want to take the swim test, or who do not pass the swim test, will have to wear a life jacket at all times while swimming in the quarry.  The swim test includes, but is not limited to, jumping into the quarry, swimming, and treading water. Regardless of performance on the swim test, all swimming remains at your own risk. All swimming is at your own risk. The water is 25 feet deep.  You will not be able to touch the bottom.

During “open swim” times, smoking, alcoholic beverages, cooking on site, fishing, and bringing your own dog (canine) are prohibited, however you may bring a picnic lunch and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy while at the quarry.   Open Swim is an alcohol-free event.  Please do not bring alcoholic beverages.

Open swim guests should enter at the Carrigan Farms West Entrance to get to the quarry. The address for GPS purposes is 1213 Oak Ridge Farm Hwy, Mooresville NC 28115.  Please check this page often, as more dates may be added regularly throughout the summer.


Imagine yourself swimming in cool blue water, basking in the sun, serving one up on the sugar sand beach volleyball court, or playing stick till your arm gets tired with Murphy, the official party animal and director of fun. Swim parties are by advance reservation only and can be scheduled Monday through Thursday for groups sized 25 or more. You must have an advance reservation. Monday through Thursday available time slots are 9:30 am until 3:00 pm or 4:30 pm until 9:00 pm. If you wish to reserve a private party for 25 guests or more, please call and we can help you reserve a private time exclusively for you and your guests.

Swim parties have the option of having a catered meal for all the guests consisting of: Big, juicy grilled hamburgers, grilled hot dogs, veggie burgers for any vegetarians, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, buns and condiments, as well as, potato chips and fresh, seasonal fruit. Sweet tea, water, and soft drinks are also included and are available for the duration of the event. Cost is $22 per person for a private swim party with the meal listed above plus the cost of lifeguards at $15 per hour, per lifeguard (see below for more info on lifeguards). There is a 25 person minimum.

If you wish to reserve the Quarry for a swim party without catering or without any food or beverage, the cost is $12 per person plus the cost of lifeguards at $15 per hour, per lifeguard (see below for more info on lifeguards) . There is a 25 person minimum. Please call and we can help you reserve a private time exclusively for you and your guests.

At your swim party, all swimming is at your own risk. All of the water at the quarry is over your head and is 25 feet deep. All swimmers are mandated to use a life jacket while swimming in the quarry or pass the swim test.  Guest must be at least 12 years old to take the swim test. We have adequate number of life jackets for everyone at your event. Please bear in mind that swim noodles are not an approved flotation device and are not a substitute for a properly fitting life jacket. If you have a favorite life jacket, that fits you well, be sure to bring that to your swim party. There are life jackets available for your usage at the quarry.